In this first image I think angelic, peaceful, serene. My eye is drawn automatically to brighter eye, his cute little nose, and his red lips.
In this photo I see a slight smile- almost a sly looking smile. There seems to be a lot more shadowing in the focal areas and it seems like he’s staring off into a distance…oh and the hair. I just keep staring at those little fuzzies called hair.

And in this picture he is just staring right through me.

Funny enough these are all the same picture. They’re just rotated differently. Maybe you caught that right off the get go or maybe not…*cough* like my husband. And maybe I’m the only one in the world who actually has different feelings for each one rotations. BUT if I’m not the only, let me know! What’s your favorite rotation and why?!

Jocelyn Pagano

I could tell it was the same one right away, and like the top one best. Probably just because it feels like a natural baby view – standing over the baby and snapping a picture..

Kristina Hendrickson

I like the 3rd rotation best. His beautiful eyes are the first thing I see and the focal point. Plus the picture seems to flow better. Super cute!

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