Why to have a First Look

Conflicted between having a First Look or going the traditional route of seeing each other when you walk down the aisle? I just wanted to give some tips on why I think a First Look is a fabulous option.

First Look why have a first look why have a first look

I had a First Look and loved it!

I was a bride once and I had a First Look because it was necessary for timing reasons. But I thought it would take away from that momentous occasion when I would walk down the aisle towards him. However, I’m here to say the moment I saw my husband during our First Look was a completely different moment and feeling from the time I saw him at the end of the aisle. Nothing was lost and there was so much gained…the precious moments we got to talk together about my dress, about our day thus far was such a special time for me. We got to stay there, hand in hand, embracing and crying/laughing/smiling together for as long as we wanted and then we got to be together for the rest of the day. And then that moment came when I walked down the aisle and the same butterfly excitement came back but it was a completely different feeling of excitement because everyone was there. I don’t regret anything about having a first look!

why have a first look why have a first look why have a first look

You can enjoy more of your wedding day together!

No explanation needed there!

why have a first look

It allows you to have more time with your guests after the ceremony!

Because we can get all the “portrait” photos like bridal party, family formals, bride & groom portraits done before the ceremony this allows you to enjoy cocktail hour with your guests. Who doesn’t want to get to the cocktails quicker?!

why have a first look why have a first look

You will LOVE the photos from it!

Though I want you to feel so comfortable in front of my camera, I do understand that it can be a little intimidating to be in front of the camera. But during the first look, most couples completely forget I’m there because I’m silent the whole time and thus making me able to capture the most genuine smiles and laughter from even the most camera shy. Photos from the First Look are often some of my most favorite photos! 

why have a first look why have a first look