Welcome Mr. Audris!

Why?! Why I am surrounded by the most adorable babies you’ll ever meet when the plan for David and I is “we’re waiting 3-5 years.” Of course, I can’t be surrounded by the babies that cry every second of their short life so that the plan might seem better and better to me. But I get to be surrounded by these oh-so-cute babies, who just sit there and let you cuddle them, and who eventually fall asleep in my arms with that “you’re not going to put me down right? I mean look at me! I’m stinkin’ cute right now!” look.
Meet one of those babies. Little baby Audris. He was just a week and a day old when I took these pictures of him. When I first held him, just a few days when he got home from the hospital, he opened one eye to check and see who this stranger was that didn’t feel like his mom and certainly not like his dad (I hope! hah!)… and that’s all I got…one eye. But when he looked up at me me with one eye slightly opened and the other squished close I knew that this was going to be the start of a great friendship. He melted my heart and reemphasized to me why I love children so much. Welcome to the world Audris. I can’t wait to watch you grow and have you look at me with two eyes. =)

Look at how he looks at his mom…he already knows she’s an amazing woman.