Mr and Mrs Bennett

As I drove to the hotel where Lauren was getting ready I thought I was going to die in a car crash because of the crazy rain storm we were having. We all feared that it was going to rain the whole day but luckily just as picture time rolled around the rain dried up and the sun peaked out. God’s pretty awesome like that.

Lauren was such a beautiful bride wearing a stunning gown and her hair- oh don’t even get me started on her hair. I’ve envied that girls hair since the first day I saw her. But anywhoo, she was beautiful and Paul was definitely smitten. Oh and side note…I’m a huge fan of cake pops thanks to Lauren and Paul’s dessert table. Thanks for making me gain that extra five pounds during the reception, guys. =)


Enjoy the pictures and you’ll see how much these two love each other…


Love love love first looks.

Lauren, you get the gorgeous bride award.

Love the baby bump below =)

I thought this was one of the sweetest parts of the whole day…Paul praying with his bride while there was a song being sung.

Photobooth fun! I highly recommend them for any wedding!

This picture makes me want to cry big, happy tears. Remember how I was saying Lauren is beautiful…well, that’s both inside and out. Both her and Paul work at a group home on the weekends and they invited all of the residents to their wedding. Such caring people!

Lauren and Paul had a solid bridal party. They were so much fun to be around!

Congrats again, guys! So happy for you! Maybe we’ll see you in Minneapolis some day!