Minneapolis Wedding Vendor Spotlight | Ashley Fox Designs

I’ve had the privilege of working with many amazing Minneapolis wedding vendors and I’ve asked some of them to tell us a bit about themselves. So if you’re getting married in Minnesota or you’re just curious about the vendors feel free to read on!

The first vendor I’d like to introduce you to is Ashley of Ashley Fox Designs. She’s hilarious, an amazing florist, and works well under stress!

Why did you start your business?

Floral design was always right in front of me, waiting to be discovered at the right time. I have always been drawn to creative, outdoor activities and making beautiful things from the garden. People talk about following their passions. I feel very fortunate my passion and work are one in the same. 

The events that set the wheels in motion for starting the business were finding creative and social outlets after I had my two children. I also loved making people happy with flowers. I put these ideas together and came up with = wedding floral designer. Rather than do daily deliveries as well, I decided to focus on weddings where I could bring my understanding of flowers and connect with clients in such an endearing, long-lasting way. I also have a growing student list for design classes. Teaching others how to design flowers is so satisfying. It’s pure joy. For the students and myself. 

-Do you work mostly in the Twin Cities? Is there anywhere else where you provide your services?

The majority of our weddings are in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, however, we love to travel and have done many weddings in Wisconsin, northern Minnesota and have assisted with weddings from the banks of Lake Michigan to a vineyard in Napa, CA. 

Someday I would love to design in France or Scotland. Two of my favorite countries where I have vacationed and lived over the years. Maybe I’ll host a workshop there someday. Anyone want to go? 

-What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

Handing the bride her bouquet is probably my favorite part. For months the client and I were planning what the bouquet would look like. It is always exciting to see what she thinks about the final result and I am happy to report we had many, many smiles and even a few tears of joy over the 2014 season.

-When do you think is the ideal time/season/place to get married?

An early, evening October wedding is my favorite. Always has been; always will be. The colors and textures during this time of year in Minnesota are extraordinary. The flowers are abundant and practically glowing, giving all they can before the frost hits. The nuances of warm hues are amazing. I can’t stay out of the studio for one day in October. It’s that good. 

The right place for your wedding is where you both feel comfortable, infused with meaning would be my choice. It could be a unique rental space, B&B or home, a cabin at a state park, a friend’s farm, lakeside on that big rock he stood on when he proposed. I believe it isn’t the number of people at your wedding, but the value those people hold for you in your life, as a couple. Focus on that and you may have quite a party. 

-How do the majority of your clients find you? What’s your best advice for a bride to find the right vendor for her?

The majority of my clients find me through vendor and client referrals and my website. Over the years I have developed business friendships with planners and photographers based upon successful, time and time again, events. Also, Minnesota Bride Magazine has been an outstanding supporter of my work from the start and has placed me as one of their Top 3 Floral Designers four years in a row. 

To find the right vendor for her, a bride could ask her friends, family and other wedding vendors who have had exceptional experiences with long-standing businesses in the industry. Those referral avenues are sure to lead you to some trusted people. Out of that short list, if you meet with a vendor who is kind and professional, but doesn’t understand or your style I would say ask that same vendor or your wedding planner to refer you to someone else. You should feel 100% comfortable with the people you hire for your day. You will be working with them for months and this relationship should start off right from the beginning. Bring one person along with you to your vendor meetings so you can talk with them afterward and make sure that you are not making a hasty decision. If you feel pressure to put down a deposit right away it may be a bad fit. Unless you have done your homework and this is a vendor you have set your mind and budget to, then I say, go for it. 

Wine or cake? 

That would depend on who makes it…

I’ll say wine. That always goes down well. 

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