Minneapolis vendor portraits | Julie Swenson Beauty

Next up on the Minneapolis vendor portraits is Julie of Julie Swenson Beauty. She’s feisty, hilarious, adventurous and obviously does a killer job at hair and makeup…or she wouldn’t be on here. 

minneapolis portrait photographer

minneapolis portrait photographer

Minneapolis portrait photographer

minneapolis portrait photographer

-Why did you start your business?

 I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but still had to make some scratch. I was rusty at styling hair (I hadn’t been behind the chair for years) and was new to makeup. I took a leap of faith and in 2006 started an on-site bridal hair and makeup business. It’s been a wild and fulfilling journey ever since.


-Do you work mostly in the Twin Cities? Is there anywhere else you provide your services?

   I work internationally when I have the time and money to do so. I’d like to travel more, but I know I have a small window of time that my son is young. I don’t want to miss any of his milestones. When he’s 18, I’ll be on a plane to Thailand or Greece, hopefully teaching, doing a photo shoot, or working with women with cancer. 


 -What wedding trend do you wish would die?

Ha! This is a great question. Tiaras. Not a trend per se. But for the love, let’s just retire them once and for all.


 -What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

This is a tough question. Do I need to choose just one moment? Here are my top three:

1. When the bride reads the card/letter from the groom.

2. When the bride sees the best version of herself in the mirror, turns arounds and thanks me.

3. When the bride gets in her dress and sees it all come together and you know she’s thinking, shiz just got real. 


 -How do the majority of your clients find you?

1. Word of mouth. I’ve done nearly 900 weddings. Word travels fast- both good and bad. 

2. Vendors. I am very blessed to have met and forged relationships with other vendors in this industry. Photographers, planners, florists, etc; each vendor plays an important role in making the couple’s day. I never take for granted the referrals I receive from fellow vendors. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

3. The Internet. Brides are smart, resourceful, and savvy. They do their research. 


-What’s your best advice for a bride to find the right vendor for her?

Find a vendor with integrity. One that is reliable, honest, credible, and can hold him/herself accountable.

It’s one of the biggest, and most expensive parties you’ll ever throw. You need to trust your vendors with your life. 


-Wine or cake?

Winecake. Duh.