Lauren&Paul Engagement

Lauren and Paul are just super cute together. We started emailing back and forth around July when I asked if they could be models for me so that I could help train an upcoming photographer. They agreed and I was so excited- I mean seriously, they’re so adorable as a pair! About a few weeks before we were supposed to go do that planned photoshoot I get an email from Paul asking me to email Lauren and cancel the photo shoot because he wanted to propose to her on that date. I squealed and couldn’t stop smiling because Lauren had told me about how they were going to be getting engaged in late Fall but she had no clue that it would actually be early Fall. I was going to go shoot Paul proposing to Lauren but there was a bunch of things that got in the way and I wasn’t able to go and I was so so upset! But having the privilege of shooting their engagement pictures and their wedding pictures is helping me to get over being so upset. 🙂
Congrats Lauren and Paul! I’m so excited about your May wedding!