Jacob Jordan

The last 10 minutes. The whole last 10 minutes to the airport I heard from the seat next to me, “Natalie Holloway.” Oh, and I also got a text that said “Natalie Holloway.” Gotta love those younger brothers. That younger brother of mine graduated a couple weeks ago. I got to go home to Maine for his graduation and I’m so glad I got to. While he was giving his speech I couldn’t help but remember the times when he’d cry about everything- a worm died, I took his favorite lego, the rock wall collapsed on his leg- you know, the little stupid things.
Jacob and I were always close except for when we hated each other and were fighting to the death on the trampoline. It scares me to think that we’re growing up. I look around and see all these siblings who don’t even know what their nieces and nephews names are. And I so don’t want that to happen. I mean I’m sure Jacob and I will live at the most an hour away from each other…he can’t stray far from mom. =)

Congratulations little brother. By the way, I jumped out of the window when Mr. Calnan wasn’t looking and got a detention because of it too…way to follow in my footsteps.