Introducing Mr and Mrs Vaughn

Amanda and Shrimp’s wedding was fun, so much flippin’ fun! I do not think I have laughed as much at a wedding as I did at theirs. Shrimp’s family was cracking me up and when their bridal party hit the dance floor I was in stitches and amazed at their sweet dancing skills. Well, pretty much anyone that can move their feet in a somewhat rhythmic motion amazes me…#icantdance.

We, myself and my second shoot Elle, got to take just Amanda and Shrimp out on the town for a little while and I just loved getting to know them even better. If they only lived in Minnesota not Texas we would be hanging out every day.


Congrats Mr and Mrs Vaughn! I so hope our paths cross again!


Amanda’s father passed away a few years ago so to remember him she had his thumbprint attached to her garter. So special and so precious.

Ah, it kills me how beautiful she is. And her husband said it best, She’s got natural beauty. She doesn’t have to keep just putting all kinds of makeup on and stuff to be beautiful. Love.

Love the murals around town…

  • Elle said:

    I <3 these so much!!! Great photos Jaimee & thanks for letting me tag along!

  • amanda morris said:

    We recieved our CD today in the mail and I can't stop looking at them! We are so happy!

  • Mary Jane said:

    The pictures are great. We had a wonderful time at the wedding and hope to spend a lot of time with the new Mr. & Mrs. when they come to Wisconsin. We love you.