Fit Bride Friday

Fit Bride Friday has been a bit misplaced the past couple of weeks but for very good reasons: health and “vacation”. This week I am back in action. My fitness magazines arrived in the mail just a few days ago and who would of known that I actually have had zero time to read it until tonight since David stole the Mac from me.
This week I’d like to take Fit Bride Friday to more of beauty side of health and wellness. At my friend’s wedding that I photographed last weekend, the bride asked for her “light-up lip gloss.” I had no idea what she was talking about and thought maybe it was some random little kids lip gloss that had a light up wand. Oh was I wrong. This light-up lip gloss has not only a mirror on the side of the tube so you can actually see how it’s looking but there a light on the stick so when you put it on at night you can still see! Einstein doesn’t even compare to whoever thought this up.

I asked David for this for my birthday…along with a Sheep dog, a new camera bag, a leather portfolio, chocolate jimmies, all dressed chips, a house, a studio in Maine, a small Sea Bag (I just added that one), a book of all the biking and hiking trails in Maine and Wisconsin, new sneakers, and obviously anything for my house or closet will be gladly accepted.

In my new magazine I read how that by constantly applying chapstick/lip gloss to chapped lips your lips will keep your lips from producing new cells which will make your lips softer. So apply your chapstick sparingly. 🙂