Fit Bride Friday

I wrote my last post thinking it was Thursday and tomorrow I would write Fit Bride Friday. Well, guess what y’all…IT’S FRIDAY! Could have fooled me, actually it did fool me. For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook you’ve probably heard that I have a new obsession. Old English Sheepdogs.

Seriously, have you ever seen something this cute that doesn’t have eyes?! =) Well, the predicament is that we live in an apartment…and in our contract for the apartment clearly says “No Pets.” So we’re kind of stuck.

And how does this have to do with Fit Bride Friday you ask. Well, let me tell you…one of the main reason (after all the reasons like – they’re so stinkin’ cute, I’ve always grown up with dogs in the house, we need an addition to our family, and etc.)  why we are contemplating getting a dog is because it gives me a running partner. David isn’t exactly thrilled every time I ask him to go running with me and half the time David’s not even home to go running with me. The streets of Watertown at a 36,000 population somewhat scares me at night, it’s not the 1,400 population that I’m used to in my home town of Cornish, Maine, also where I knew who lived in each house I ran by.

I just found this website that lists all the dog breeds that are good for jogging with. And wouldn’t you know it, Sheepdogs are on the list! I also found a couple 5k road races that are dog friendly. However, I couldn’t find any for Wisconsin or Maine, but if anyone out there knows of any LET ME KNOW!

Happy Friday!