Fall Festivities 2013

Normally I hate cliche’. But when it comes to seasons/holidays I am one big pinterest board of clicheness. So when my parents decided to make the trek out west to see my brother- ya, my brother…who would drive 20+ hours to see him– I made them drive a little further and meet us at a farm. We don’t see my parents too often and it had actually been almost two years since David had seen them so this time was much needed. AND it was their first time meeting their grandchild (dog…eh, technicalities), Lana.

This time seemed a little bit harder to say goodbye to them knowing that we probably won’t go home for the holidays and as of right now I don’t have any weddings booked in Maine. So after we got our fill of apple cider donuts and caramel apples we went out for an early dinner and then said goodbye.

Usually I’m so excited to get back to my home and clean or bake or edit pictures. But this time I just wanted a few extra minutes with my parents. Being far away from all your family is really tough sometimes especially when visits are few and far in between. But at least I have pictures and new memories of the four of us together.

  • Eva Bustamante said:

    Is that my pumpkin?? :D Dad said he got me a pumpkin at the Orchard but it wouldn't fit in the car :/