Elle&Andrew: Notebook Themed Engagement Session

Last fall Elle, a good friend from school, texted me and asked if we could set up a day to take hers and her fiance’s engagement pictures. Of course I was more than thrilled…just look at this girl, she’s stinkin’ gorgeous! So we set a date…and that date failed. We set another date and that date failed. I think this happened about 43 more times. And then finally -oh finally- we got a date that worked for everyone!

However…on that lovely Monday when their engagement session was appointed for, the sky started to get dark. David and I were on our way somewhere and he said, “The sky is getting pretty dark. I don’t think you were destined to do Elle’s pictures.” And my smart comment was, “I can’t see it raining any time soon.” 30…no…25 seconds later it started down pouring. Ok, so I can’t predict the weather. But anyways, it did clear up and even if it didn’t Elle was determined to get “these little boogers” done -as she told me in one of her text messages.

This couple is so cute and their relationship reminds me a great deal of David and mine. You can just tell in the pictures how much fun they’re going to have in their life together. Thanks guys for dressing up super oober cute and for being yourselves in front of the camera! Oh, and we’re so double dating when you get back to Watertown…hopefully this time it won’t take 6+ months to set a day! Good luck with your wedding and may God bless your marriage and may you have little Elle’s and little Andrew’s running around in a short time and may they call me Auntie Jaimee. =)

We had some kiddos who wanted to get in on the fun. They were pretty excited about getting their picture taken.

Favorite picture of the night goes to this one…