Josh + Linda | Chicago Engagement Photos

A few weekends ago I flew down to Chicago to photograph Josh and Linda and get to know them a bit better. Linda and I went to the same college for like a semester. I knew her as the ballsy girl who dared to step out of the cookie cutter style that my college had. I especially remember once at a formal event she wore a headband around her head- like the hippie way to wear it- and I was like I need to meet this girl. Who would have known that years later I would finally meet this girl and her funny fiance’ Josh.

I had such a blast driving around Chicago with these two. I was extremely impressed with Josh’s city driving skills- no Minnesota passive aggressive driving here! So he earned quite a few points with me. He also loves Linda so much and love always earns extra points too.

One place that we went was a Mexican restaurant where Josh and Linda had their first date. They met while playing soccer and Josh sneaked Linda’s phone number out of her by telling her he was directing the soccer game. They then met up later for lunch at this restaurant. Linda said she was kind of panicked because she rode her bike there so she was sweaty, all her makeup was gone, and her hair wasn’t perfect. But obviously Josh liked her natural beauty because now they’re getting hitched!

Thanks guys for the greatest time in Chicago! Can’t wait until August!

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