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The initial thought of moving back to Maine was incredibly tough for me. One reason was having to leave my ultra supportive wedding industry friends made me incredibly upset. The talented people who make up Minneapolis’ wedding industry were so inviting to me as I started my photography business. And I was nervous that it would be tough to find that same friendly, inclusive demeanor out in New England. But I was wrong! Hallelujah! One of the first wedding vendors that I reached out to was Alexis of The Little Things a Boston wedding planner. We met up at the Bostonian favorite Tatte Bakery and chatted about all things wedding related. I’ve loved following along on her Instagram stories and watching her weekly weddings unfold along with the occasional video of her pup. If you’re looking for a fun, hardworking (After one of her couples wedding venue burnt down just weeks before their wedding she managed to find a complete new venue and re-plan and execute it for the new space. A wedding goddess she is!), and kind planner I would definitely encourage you to check her out. Here’s a little bit more about Alexis and her wedding planning business, The Little Things.

Boston Wedding Planner


  • Tell me a bit about you!

I live just outside of Boston, in a town called Waltham, where I just purchased my first condo and am putting a lot of TLC into it to make it a place I love being in! I spend so much time on the road and out and about.. I’m super excited to have a place that I can truly make into my own that I’ll love coming home to! 

When I’m not working or at home, I’m likely grabbing a bite to eat or a cocktail at one of the hundreds of awesome restaurants in Boston, and when I have a larger chunk of time, you can almost definitely find me on the beach, or somewhere by the water, or getting out of town to experience something new! 



  • Tell me a bit about your business, The Little Things!

Boston is my home base, but we typically do only one or two weddings in the city per year, surprisingly. We are regularly working throughout New England – Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and next year we’re doing our first wedding in the Mid-Atlantic, near Philly, which is super exciting. Blank canvas weddings are our jam!


Boston Wedding Planner


  • What’s your favorite part of the wedding day as a Boston wedding planner?

Hands down, my favorite part of the day is when the bride is heading down the aisle to meet her groom at the altar. In the moments before she leaves, it’s just her and I and whoever is walking her down the aisle. We take a deep breath together, I coach her on how to hold her bouquet, and I make sure her dress is laying perfectly as she leaves. It’s a pretty special moment to be a part of, and when she leaves and is walking towards the biggest moment of her life, it’s an incredible feeling.


  • What does the perfect The Little Things client look like?

The perfect TLT client is a couple who’s wildly in love and looking to share the best day ever with the people closest to them. They’re concerned with their guests’ experience throughout the course of the wedding weekend and want things to be comfortable and lovely for everyone. They’re interested in the aesthetics of things and want the design of their day to be a beautiful reflection of their true tastes, but not so caught up in how things look that they forget about the big picture. They’re astute and concerned with the things that matter to them, and willing to let go of the rest. They’re fun, they’re kind, they ideally like wine (so we can have a glass or two during our monthly meetings), and they’re totally pumped about their wedding, where they’ll be on the dance floor all night.


Boston Wedding Planner Boston Wedding Planner Boston Wedding Planner

  • What’s been your favorite venue thus far?

There are so many awesome spots to get married in the upper right USA, it’s hard to pick just one! Every wedding we do is special, but if I had to choose just one venue, I’d say my favorite is French’s Point in mid-coast Maine. 


  • Where is your dream wedding venue?

Herehere, or here. Can you tell I’m indecisive?


  • Any tips for engaged couples?

It sounds simple, but my advice is to trust your gut! There are a million decisions to make along the way – if you spend time mulling over every one of them, you’ll burn out. When your gut is telling you something, listen to it and move on. 

Boston Wedding Planner Boston Wedding Planner Boston Wedding Planner