50 cents. It was only 50 cents. But it was a bad afternoon. I had been so pumped to go buy this new hutch for our kitchen. I had found it at a thrift store and it was only 50 bucks. I had been dreaming all day about what I would put on it and where I would put it. Then I got to the thrift store, asked the oh-so nice lady if it was for sale and she laughed at me and said no. I asked if she knew where they got it and she said, "It's not for sale." Hmm. I don't think that answers my question but I don't like confrontation so I just told her thank you and left...with my little bud vase and my antique sugar bowl (at least I think that's what it is). I got home. Super bummed that I didn't get a steal on a ridiculous beautiful piece of furniture. I had also spent that previous night looking at a lot of different photographers blogs and just seeing how amazing some photographers are and how amazing I'm not kind of was ticking me off. David said I was having a pitty party. I choose to call it "an adult meltdown over serious things."

I started flying around the kitchen cleaning up odds and ends. I picked up my new sugar bowl, walked over to the closet to put it away, and dropped it. And again my klutzyness had taken control over my arms. I just sat down and started to well up. It was broken into so many pieces, a lot which were super little. David came over and so nicely gave me a hug and said he was sorry that it broke and started to pick up the broken pieces on the floor.

Fast forward to tonight.

David was working his security job and I went to go bring him dinner. As I walked up to him I saw a little, white sugar bowl that had cracks in it but looked exactly like the one I had just bought, and killed. He had collected all the pieces last night when I broke it, put them in a bag without me knowing, and super glued it all back together except for a few pieces.

It was like the perfect Visa commercial or like it should be made into a country song. I hugged him. Then I brought it home and took pictures of it. Some day, some one's going to ask me why that sugar bowl with all the cracks in it is out for display...and I look forward to telling the story.