so thankful

The holiday craziness is done and I can actually get back to emails and my blog but I kind of wish it wasn't over. David and I got to start some new traditions this year with us being a new family. And I have to say this was definitely my favorite Thanksgiving ever. Here are a couple pictures of our Thanksgiving- and if you know me you know I just love decorating tables so please don't mind the 200 pictures of the table. :)  

David cooked the turkey and he did an amazing job I must say.

My parents and brother came up from Maine to spend our first Thanksgiving with us.


After we ate all our grub we shed our fancy clothes for more athletic clothes so that we could go play some bowling.

And then we concluded the night with some cuddling and a movie...well, we concluded the beginning part of the night with a movie...we went out black friday shopping at midnight.

Overall it was a great Thanksgiving and David and I have so much to be thankful for.