Small Packages

Sorry there everyone about missing Fit Bride Friday post. I've been having some health issues and on Friday it hit me hard. Sledge hammer hard. But I sit out on our little porch with the citronella candle burning and think to myself, self, there have been a lot of little things that have passed through your life that have made you happy lately. Some of those things pictures cannot represent like ideas for the future of Jaimee C Photography -I'm revealing something in the winter that I've been talking over with the husband and with other business owners...David and I even went to the local coffee shop, Tribeca, to brainstorm...which actually somewhat turned into me just talking about all my dreams. hah!- or learning from other photographers that I've gotten the chance to meet up with or even how God has laid some amazing people in my path just to encourage me and brighten my day.

However, some of those little things that have happened in my life can be represented by pictures and here are just a few of them...

I have no idea what these flowers are but they've been growing in my window box since Spring. Every now and then I'll look out our sliding glass doors and think, I wonder if those are weeds and I wonder if our neighbors think I'm strange for growing weeds.

Yes, I am reading a book. It makes me feel smart to bring it places and pull it out when I'm bored. =) I recommend Linchpin to any photographer...I haven't quite started Selling the Invisible. And yes, I got them from the library instead of buying them. Why you ask...because when I want something I don't want to wait a week to get it. Yea, it's pathetic.

I've been wanting a pendant like this since I was six (exaggeration). One night I came home to a bedroom covered in streamers, a poster board that said Happy 45th Anniversary (months), and this beautiful pendant. That kid I married is kinda cool.

A field of Queen Ann's Lace is right out our window. That's happiness.

I did a HS senior session recently and the senior had this BAM! (that's the only word that I can think of to explain it) bright blue nail polish. My toes were so overdone for a pedicure so I was a copycat and went and bought the same color. The flip-flop tan lines are just a little touch I classy.So that's it...happiness in small packages.