Our Week

Is there any way to look cute in your husbands snow pants and a puffy jacket?! I think not. But fashion isn't always at the forefront of my mind. This day hour was all about having fun. First snow fall means snow ball fights while David shovels, throwing snow at Lana because...well...she can't fight back, starting to make a snowman and then getting distracted because it's taking too long, and then the obligatory hot cocoa at the after party.

We're not going home for Christmas so all our presents got shipped here. And lets just say that I've been tested to the extreme. I have not opened one present! Someone give me a kitten or something.

Thank you security guard for trying to take a picture of the hubs and I. You did...good. :-/ But anyways, I just love this city. We explored the lights of down town and I tried the whole time to get David to take me out for dessert...he ended up buying me something out of the vending machine. We're working on his thoughtfulness.

And our last adventure from this week was visiting the local Mill City Museum and eating at an all organic restaurant, Spoonriver. I decided at this organic restaurant that I need a hoop nose ring. It will finally bring me to the next stage of hippiewannabe. And boy am I excited!