Introducing the Maine Brand

I've been working with Jane Johnson to develop a new look for Jaimee C Photography since we will be moving to Maine in the near future. I'm so excited about what she came up with and I'm so excited about sharing it with you all! Feel free to browse about the blog, David added a bunch of new things to the blog- what a doll he is! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Maine look of Jaimee C Photography!


It was tough trying to figure out what exactly I wanted for the new look of Jaimee C Photography but working with Jane made it easier. Part of the questionnaire that she sent me was that I was supposed to make up an inspiration board. All I knew is that I wanted my logo, my look, to be MAINE! So I just started google image searching images that reminded me of Maine...buoys, lobsters, the greenish-blueish of the Atlantic ocean, trees -especially white birch trees, oh how I love white birch trees-, lavender, clapboard houses, faded wood floors, and of course LL Bean.

This so makes me smile. =) Happy Wednesday!