I didn't expect this.

I figured our adoption would get about half of the attention of a pregnancy because, I mean, I don't have a growing belly, I can't tell you when our baby is the size of a lemon, I don't go to monthly check-ups, and some people just ask "Why?" and then turn the conversation to the weather.

I didn't expect love. 

I didn't expect daily emails and comments. 

I didn't expect encouragement. 

I didn't expect to be a part of people's prayer lives. 

I didn't expect to cry daily because of sweet messages to us. 

I didn't expect counsel. 

I didn't expect support. 

I didn't expect all of this.

But yet we have been showered with all of these things.

And I thank you. I thank you not just because of your love but because of your rebuke. No, no one came and personally called me out on anything. But I am rebuked because of your love.

I am one to follow someone's heart breaking story online and say nothing. I am one to hear how someone's hurting and say a silent prayer. I am one to read someone's blog post, hear a sermon and be able to preach the Gospel to my heart because of it but never tell anyone that. I am a bystander. And I am not like Jesus.

Jesus had dinner with people. Jesus went out of his way to converse with people. Jesus loved people. Jesus encouraged people. Jesus washed people's feet. Jesus was not a bystander.

I am so thankful for His grace in giving me all of these blessings when He truly knows my heart and how wicked it is. And for never accepting me based on whether or not I encourage and love people. But God is always accepting me because I'm His child in whom He is well pleased. Once I realize that, that's when I want to show God's love to others and love them just like He loves me.

I also didn't go into this adoption expecting to learn anything about my Savior... but I feel like that is all I'm learning about.

And that's quite all right with me.