I'll admit it, the drive into Madison to photograph this residency graduation was a bit, well, intimidating. I was going to be telling people who have been to college for many years longer than myself, who most likely have a higher gpa than I did, and who are just plain ole' smarter than me, how to stand, where to move, and etc. I figured they would be a little bit pompous because of all the but honestly, they were not. Each one of the six graduates that night were a joy to be around. I loved just standing back and watching the graduates just take a sigh of relief knowing that part of this long journey toward their dream was finally accomplished. I tried to focus my shooting on the graduates because today was their day and all I kept seeing was smiling face after smiling face. Congratulations everyone! I wish I could have got to know each of you better but good luck in your next stage of life and I hope that some day our paths will cross again!

Introducing the graduates-

He did that every time he saw me taking a picture of him. It made me laugh.

I love love!

And friends and family of the graduates-

What's a better to say "congratulations" than with a high five?!