Fit Bride Friday

Every McDonalds within 30 minutes of my house has seen me frequent their drive-thru for their strawberry lemonade and mango smoothie. I just love summer drinks and can't get enough of anything fruity. In Maine my Grandma would take me to the Clipper Merchant Tea House, where they served this delicious lavender lemonade. Normally this lemonade is made with a ton of sugar (usually 3-5 cups per pitcher) I decided to make some for Fit Bride Friday without too much sugar. The ingredients are lavender (home grown! we've been growing it in a pot on our little porch), lemons, and water! Simple, easy, and a lot healthier than McDonald's lemonade or Mt.Dew slushies (ahem, David). The full recipe can be found either on Martha Stewart's website or this lady also had a good recipe. I kind of blended both of them together.

Hope you enjoy this simple step to cut down a few calories throughout the day without cutting down on deliciousity. Deliciousity...that's my word for the day.

My friend bought this for me for a bridal shower gift. So glad she did!

After I was done making the lemonade, I had 6 left over lemon rinds and I didn't want to just throw them away. So I did what I always do when I don't know the answer to something...I googled it. One idea that I read was to boil the rinds in water and your house will smell like lemon. The house already smelled delicious because of the lavender but hey an extra dose of lemon wouldn't hurt. I went a step further and after it had come to a boil I put some pieces of lemon in mason jars and spread it throughout our apartment to give everywhere a fresher scent.