Fit Bride Friday

Here's the second installment of Fit Bride Friday. I've been thinking about this post all week...what I would write, what I would do this week, what I would take pictures of. And just let me tell you, this has been so great for me to do because it's been like having a someone constantly coming into my mind and saying did you exercise today? why are eating that? um, no do not put that in your mouth! I have to confess though, I did not eat only flax seed and granola. But I also have to confess that I have steadily exercised this week, ate smaller portions, ate not as much sweets, and ate healthy foods.

Here are more steps that I took this week-

  • P90X- I am actually a P90X graduate *pats self on back*. Last summer while David was in Wisconsin and I was in Maine I decided to use up all that extra time and spend it doing p90x and let me tell you, I loved it! It's hardcore, there's no doubt about that, but it produces great results! So if any of you out there are looking for a good workout, check it out. But anyways...back to the reason why I put p90x as one of the steps...I'm not redoing P90x because we live on the second floor and the exercise routine involves a lot of jumping. But I have started up their ab workout routine! It kicks butt, works your abs, gives results, and only take 15 minutes!
  • Variety is the spice of life- It's true. It really is. Well, I think so anyways. But what I mean by this is exercise in a different location this week. Whether it's a friends house, a new gym, a new road, or a new workout. This week I chose to take up a new running area. I didn't get to do it as much as I wanted but it was so nice to be on a new street and be able to take in everything new and not be thinking  ugh 15 more minutes?!
  • Products- Ok, so I've been psyched to blog about what I found this week (maybe everyone else has seen these before but just humor me and make me think I'm the first to discover it)!! Introducing...

             A sports bra with a pocket!!And a pocket thing to hold everything! David makes me carry my phone when I go running but it always gets so sweaty in my hands so this is just perfect. I'm sure they thought of me when they made this.