Fit Bride Friday

(I had this all typed up for friday and what did I do...forgot to post it. so fit bride saturday hah!)
Bride : a woman just married or about to be married
That's me! A woman just married. And I think this word can apply to anyone that is either about to get married or is married because "just" is so relative. So all you "brides" out there, this post pertains to you.
I started brainstorming for a blog post that I could do every week. I even had ladies from my church trying to help me decide. Crafts? Nah, I love 'em but I don't know if I'll have time every week to make a craft. Food? Big no, I hate cooking. Flowers? I do love them but will I be able to find anything other than roses when the good ole' Wisconsin winters roll around?!
So I just kept asking myself, "What do you love to do??" *light bulb flickers over head -starts out somewhat dim and then gets blindingly bright-* Exercising!!! And for you that know me I solely exercise so that I can eat cupcakes late at night and then get up the next morning and have a heaping bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. Well, that's got to stop now. I'm getting old...strike that...I'm getting older (I hope 20 isn't old these days!). And the little tummy that I could keep so nicely hidden under loose shirts, well, it's showing and David pats it a lot. And frankly, I don't like that.
I also feel that everyone on this earth needs to get fit or can become more fit. Excluding Lance Armstrong of course (and David). And everyone loves knowing that someone else is going through what they're through. Wow, today has been deemed "blanket statement day." So lets join together brides and get fit! *Cyber high five*
Here are the first few steps I took this week to be a more fit bride:
  • Get rid of the junk...or only allow your husband/fiance' to eat it- Oreo's are almost gone and sugary cereal, I'm not even looking at it!
  • Get the healthy food- I visited my local farmers market like I normally do but this time I bought corn, carrots, and strawberries...not the kettle corn. haha! Also, when I went grocery shopping for this weeks food I bought a bunch of organic stuff and weird cheeses. I'm not sure if the cheeses are good for you but they looked like they were. Come to find out, I don't like Dutch Style Blue Cheese even though it's in a cute container. Live and learn.
  • Put the healthy food in an easy to grab area- our strawberries were sitting so proudly in a cute, silver dish on our kitchen table. It was a lot easier to grab these babies than an ice cream bar.
  • Start with subtle steps- I made cookie dough. I'm sorry! I was craving it!  But I put oats in it instead of white flour. Need I remind you of the tortoise and the hare?! Slow and steady, slow and steady.
  • Buy exercise clothes- Here comes another blanket statement, all women love to shop and wear new clothes. So go buy some new exercise clothes and use them -no, not to lounge in- to go running, jogging, walking, elipiticaling, whatever floats your boat.
  • Exercise- A lot! This is easy for me to say because it's where I escape life for a little bit, it's where I get to think so clearly, its where I get to look at God's beautiful earth, and it feels sooo good after! But I realize it's not so easy for others, just like eating is not so easy for me. But even doing a 15 minute exercise 3 days a week is better than nothing!

Well, good luck brides! Each week I will have new tips/recipes/workouts for you so stay tuned!