David's Story | A Sermon, A Tragedy, An Orphan

I'm not sure where my story left off. At any rate, this is where I'll continue.

After weeks of struggling with my idols and fears, I started to sense God was working in my heart through others. I slowly became more open with talking to Jaimee about adoption, more willing to talk with my friends about the possibility and ask for prayer, and and even began praying heartily myself.

Through a series of events during this time, God continued to teach me. These events were in no way I don't believe God personally telling Jaimee and I to adopt, but they were certainly events that God used to teach me more about the need for adoption and the theological significance behind it. They helped root a head knowledge of adoption deep in my heart.

The events that transpired during this time were largely tragic. One day I received word that a former mentor and friend from college was killed while traveling home on a bus with his pregnant wife and son. God miraculously preserved the life of the young boy, but instantly he had become an orphan. This story shocked and gripped the nation. It hit home the fact that orphans are real and that we are called to care for the fatherless as a natural outflowing of the mercy and adoption God has shown us in the Gospel.

The day after the tragic accident my pastor preached from Galatians 4 and the doctrine of adoption was very central. I could not help but listen differently that day. I looked at my precious wife and could tell exactly what she was thinking. I knew tears were right on the corner of her eyes.

I knew God was working on us both and it was that Sunday where I first said to God, "If this is what you want us to do we desperately desperately need you!"