One of the two year olds that I watch loves to dance so a lot of the time I will put on kid's music that's on the tv. There's this one oh-so-annoying song that plays every other minute I swear that is called Crazy Cousins or is by Crazy Cousins. And pretty much the whole song just repeats "crazy cousins." It's like a Kesha song for kids! Hah! That was pretty funny if I may say so. I'd like to introduce you to my crazy cousins...Allie and Carson. I've known these two since they were just babies and I remember thinking when Allie was born, "Why does everyone think this baby is so great?" I think I was a little jealous that someone was taking my Auntie Jen away from me. =)

Allie has had everyone laughing every since I can remember and Carson has always been cuddley, loveable, and definitely all-boy! Even though it was just an hour that I got to be with you guys I'm really glad we got to spend sometime together when I came home. Allie, have fun working on the farm! And Carson, stop being so stinkin' cute! Love you all!