Colorado 2013

It's late. I'm sick. So it's the perfect time to blog about our first real vacation as family. When I got asked to photograph a wedding in Colorado we jumped on the opportunity to make a vacation out of it. I've always said that I hate traveling, that I would never travel if I had the chance, that I could care less to see the world. Well. That changed.

Maybe it was the company. Maybe it was God letting me see His creation with new eyes. But whatever it was, I have changed and now about 80% of my thoughts go to planning our next adventure and the adventure after that, and the adventure after that! Ah! I'm in love with traveling- especially with my traveling buddy.

Colorado could not have been more perfect. We crammed as much as we could into our vacation and I'm so thankful for that. I honestly have some of my favorite memories from life from this trip. Even the drive all the way from Denver to Grand Junction was amazing and breathtaking and beautiful and perfect. I didn't even fall asleep on the car ride! And if you know me, that's a great feat.

Give me the keys to a beach front cottage in St Lucia. No thanks. A mansion on the Great Lakes. I'll pass. But a shack on the Rockies, in the middle of the forest, where I can hike and rock climb every day. Yes, I'll take that.

Someday I'll live here. Someday.