All I Want For Christmas is You

It's perhaps the most overplayed, grating song on the radio from Thanksgiving to Christmas. It's sung by arguably one of the most annoying celebrities I think I've ever heard. But it's unfortunately the song that popped into my mind this morning when I thought about our pending adoption.

I literally have no idea what any of the words to the song are except for, "I don't want a lot for Christmas... All I want for Christmas is You." And although adoption was probably the furthest thing from Mariah Carey's mind when she sings that song, it is a comical way of thinking about my wish for next Christmas.

Since we decided "officially" to start this adoption process a few months ago we decided to pray that we would have a baby by December 25, 2014. That is obviously one year from today. As we think through the long process I don't feel like it will ever happen, but of course, that's why we pray, right? We acknowledge that we cannot do anything to alter the outcome of a situation. We are totally dependent on God.

And that's exactly where we find ourselves this Christmas. Joyfully reading the Christmas story, opening gifts and giving to neighbors with smiles and laughs, excitedly Facetime-ing family back in Maine, but earnestly and helplessly really bringing our request before the Christ we celebrate on this day.

We know that whether it's Christmas 2014 or beyond, God has a plan for exactly the baby that we are supposed to adopt. And so, today as we celebrate the baby in the manger-- the baby that changed the world-- we lift our prayers to King Jesus, the provider of all things wonderful and say "Thank you Jesus for bringing us and sustaining us on this journey. And precious little baby, someday you will know that all Mama and I wanted this Christmas is you." Merry Christmas everyone.