Ashley&Asim Engaged!

He would lightly run his fingers through her long hair and kiss her gently with every chance he got. Line out of a romance novel? Nope, that was how Asim acted during his engagement shoot with his sweet and giggly fiance’ Ashley.
These two were the first clients that I had ever met with when I was just starting out. We met at a Starbucks in Oconomowoc  and come to find out it was the Starbucks where they had their first date. Flirting and coffee…now that’s my kind of date!

What I loved most about shooting Ashley and Asim was that I didn’t have to take 900 pictures just to get one or two “real love” shots (pictures that show their emotions and love for each other). I love when a girl is so in love that everything her man says makes her laugh.

I can’t wait until their 2012 wedding…I wish it would come quicker! Enjoy your engagement Ashley and Asim and keep that genuine love you have for each other.