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A couple weekends ago we decided it would be a great idea to try out our new backpacking tent in the little Minneapolis park across the street from our house. And it ended up being a fail… We decided to set it up at 10pm…which means it was dark…and it was our first time assembling it…so we ended up being eaten alive by mosquitoes during the 20 minutes it took us to set up the, now we know, simple tent. We then watched Le Miserable until about midnight when we fell asleep.

1:00am- I was woken up by animal noises right outside our tent- like two feet from our tent. There are four foxes that live in that park and they decided to surround our tent making their fox noises which don’t sound as sweet as “pow-pow-pow-pow-pow-pa-pow”.

3:30m- I was awoken again by two people fighting about who knows what. They were walking down the middle of the road yelling at each other for a good fifteen minutes or at least until I couldn’t hear them anymore. I guess there’s a reason most people don’t camp out in city parks…

4:00am- We decided since we were awake to just get ready and make a trip to Red Wing and Pepin Lake. From Minneapolis that’s about a 3+hour round trip. We sat by the lake for a bit, took some pictures, went to Red Wing, ate some donuts, walked around, and we’re back home by 9:30am with a day of activity already accomplished. 

We’re strange. I know. But we love our life. 

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